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Peter is the author of ‘Newcastle United’s Worst Ever Players’, ‘The Wishing Tree’ and ‘I Want to Complain’.  

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New Play - now available for amateur and professional performance

Alexander Millar’s

The Working Man

A Full-length musical play inspired by the paintings of Alexander Millar, set on Tyneside in the heyday of the shipyards.

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Click the cloud to hear samples of audio books and songs from Alexander Millar’s Working Man Musical.

Johnson's shipyard is under new management, but the new boss is unpopular - he's stopped the beer allowance, for one thing. The men strike, but are sacked. They need to find a better way to get him to change his mind. What about going back to work without pay?

Review and performance scripts, backing tracks and sheet music now available from Lazy Bee Scripts.  The play is set in the early twentieth century and is ideal for Schools, colleges and amateur theatre groups.

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Calling all Theatre Groups!  New collection of plays based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe.  Ideal for a Halloween play or individually as stand-alone pieces.  Click the cover below for more information